How To Get a Job in Tech (If You're Stuck)

Our proven formula:
1. Find the right job openings
2. Build relationships with employees
3. Show off a strong profile

Bootcamp = Done; Job Offer = None?

Stop mindlessly applying for jobs. Seriously. It's not working. Instead, let's be laser focused on the right job vacancies. Then, let's get you in front of the right people.

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Chozen works differently from anything else you've tried.

Note taking

Chozen connects you with company insiders. Not recruiters. Let company employees refer you!


Chozen guides you in filling the gap in your skills. The perfect job applicant may not exist, but we'll get you close.


Chozen gets company employees to explain you what skills they actually need. Forget what educators told you and focus on what employers are actually looking for.

Chozen is your all-in-one job hunting partner.

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A game changer for job search in tech.

— Rich Y., Waterloo, ON